I just wanted to thank you again for all of the work you accomplished on my dress. I am still overjoyed with it. You do such an amazing job, I am hoping for the girls of my grad class to get the same positive experience with their alterations by going to you so I hope you don’t mind that I’ve recommended you on our grad page on Facebook!

~ K

I found Irene on craigslist, and after our first conversation, I knew that she was the right person to do the alterations on my gown. The alterations were all done beautifully and creatively. She made me feel more like I was visiting with a friend, then having to deal with potentially awkward gown fittings. Somehow Irene managed to make the whole process fun all the while ensuring my gown was perfect for my special day. She not only did the work I asked for, she also found creative ways to use the fabric of my gown to make lovely straps/teaser sleeves for my arms. I was so happy with the work that my fiancé also has his tux altered by Irene.

I can’t say enough good things about Irene. If you need alterations or repairs done by someone who genuinely cares about the finished product and making people feel welcomed and worthwhile – Irene is your answer. Thanks again Irene, you took the pain out of wedding gown alterations for me and made me feel like a bride should.

~ K

Irene’s quality of work might only be surpassed by her quality of character. She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! I personally have never had faster or higher quality service in any other industry or profession. Denim and Lace is outstanding in every regard!

~ D

The desire to be beautiful is an ageless longing, and there is no day beauty is more important than the day you are a bride. Irene, your dedication, your heart, your passion, your patience and your honesty made me the most beautiful bride in the world to the people that mattered on my wedding day, and I will be forever grateful to you. Thank you for being the wonderful woman that you are. I will forever have fond memories of the times I had to come to your house for fittings, adjustments, and decision making, whilst managing to have girly chats, vent sessions and laughs at the same time. Thank you.

~ T

Thanks again for the great job you did with our window seat cushion. It is beautiful and everything I’ve been wanting for that space. You are wonderful at what you do.

~ K

I really appreciate the time you spent with me; listening to me and then taking my thoughts and wishes for what I wanted and turning them into what I really, really did want and love. I cannot imagine ever tiring of them. Thank you again for all of your time and work.

~ J

Irene transformed my wedding dress only days before my wedding. I was going to be six months pregnant for my wedding which made it a challenge to have the dress altered as quickly as my body changed. We even had alterations scheduled for two days before the wedding to make sure everything was perfect.  Irene is fantastic. From the moment I walked through her door I felt well taken care of. She is always calm, accommodating and comforting in a time that can be very stressful for any bride.

~ M

The dress was so perfect and looked so great! You did an amazing job, thank you!

~ R

Thank you again for the amazing work that you did. This day wouldn’t have gone off without you, as I wouldn’t have had a dress to fit over my slowly expanding stomach. The dress not only looked amazing, the fit was perfect! The detail that you put into the dress really made it stand out, nobody knew that I had the dress altered! I definitely recommend you to anyone needing alterations done.

~ N

I phoned Irene in a panic, because I had tried on my dress 7 days before our big day, only to break the strap!! I bought my dress in the UK and had all of my alterations done there, so for this to happen was a nightmare! A friend of mine knew of Irene and when I told her what had happened didn’t even hesitate as to who to put me in contact with. Irene literally saved the day! If anything Irene made it better, she had some great suggestions for the straps to make it work better for the dress, my body shape and style of the wedding. Our wedding day was an amazing day anyway, but to be comfortable in your dress is so important, thank you Irene for making that happen!

~ S

Thank you so much for making my dress feel so great!

~ KP